Welcome to Aces Lux, a website on sex and sexuality topics made by an UCLA student for UCLA students.


FAQ: Frequently asked questions about this website.
Introduction: Some UCLA statistics and trivia, a history of sex at UCLA, etc.
Virginity: The benefits of virginity, the definition of virginity, and misconceptions about virginity.
What is Sex?: The definition of sex at UCLA (with help from Bill Clinton.)
Fuzzy Category: Stuff that isn't considered sex, but is still considered sexy.
When to Have it? When your roommate isn't in. Or um, some things you need to understand before you should do it.
Roommate Issues: That dreaded sexile--how to deal with a nympho roommate.  Or how to hide your sex toys, etc.
What to Have? Beyond the condom...health insurance? Lack of emotional baggage?  Responsibility?  Love?  A la carte checklist.
Protection: Information on contraceptives, STI protection, gynecological and urological exams, and some emotional shielding, too.
Consent: What is consent and what isn't? How to avoid broken hearts and lawsuits.
Doing the Deed: The human sexual response cylce and other information about the actual act of coitus.
After the Act: They never show you this bit in the movies.  Clean up and the walk of shame, morning after pill, etc.
Abuse, Rape, etc.: What it is and what to do and where to go if it happens to you or someone you know.
Bruin Resources: Where to get condoms, tested, or just more information.


UPDATE!   March 27th, 2008: Updated the Resources page to add information about the UCLA Student Development Health Education office located in Pauley Pavillion.  They have free condoms and offer other resources.  I'm also trying to get new information from the new Ashe Center survey.

February 14th, 2008: Added some more testing sites to the Resources, and completely OVERHAULED the Birth Control price list due to the recent ridiculous price hikes. Other small edits here and there.  Also, I would like to remind everyone that pap smears and HIV tests at the Ashe Center are free of charge.

January 2nd, 2008: Added more information to the resources section and changed some information about the Ashe Center.  Hope this information helps!

April 11, 2007: Lame news reported in the Daily Bruin.  Due to a new federal deficit reduction bill, insurance companies will have a harder time discounting birth control for colleges.  What this essentially means is that the price of birth control at the Ashe Center will go up.  Estrostep and Nuvaring users have already been hit--the price to fill those prescriptions at UCLA have now DOUBLED.  Expect more prices to go up, especially in Fall 2007.  Ugh.  The Birth Control Price List has been updated to reflect these changes.

Also, as further incentive to go get tested, now if you so request, the Ashe Center will email you your test results for added convenience.  ^_^

March 26, 2007:  Found two new places where you can get tested for free or for cheap if you don't have SHIP.  AIM Healthcare Foundation was founded to test mostly members of the adult film and sex worker community, but they also test members of the general public at a reduced non-profit rate.  And Out of the Closet Thrift Stores also performs rapid HIV testing using an oral swab--no needles! So you can get tested, shop, and then find out your results.  Their system is more efficient than UCLA's testing system, and best of all, it's FREE!

March 19, 2007:  Two new items.  One is that I've struck up a deal with Undercover Condoms.com, where if you use the coupon code ACESLUX, you can get free shipping on your order. Their pricing is often cheaper than in retail stores around Westwood, so if you have a preference for a particular brand, this is a good place to buy 12, 24, or 100 at a time. All proceeds that I get from you guys using the coupon will go to the hosting and maintenance of this website.  So if you like this site and you like to save money, yay for you?

Secondly, I've set up a Q&A on the UCLA Livejournal Group.  This is your opportunity to ask me questions about sexual health @ UCLA.  Ask me ANYTHING.  I'm going to get tested on Friday, the 23rd, so any questions that I cannot answer I will ask my doctor for you.  You can submit questions anonymously!

So, um, whaddaya waiting for?  Submit questions and save money on condoms!

January 11, 2007: I added information under Protection about GARDASIL, the new vaccine against HPV, the virus that causes cervical cancer and genital warts.  It is currently available at the Ashe Center for $405, or $265.50 with SHIP.  Also updated the Birth Control List.

December 22nd, 2006: Okay, okay.  It's been a year.  But I'm lazy and busy and...ahh!   Well, a lot has changed.  Plan B/Morning After Pill/Emergency Contraception is now available without a prescription.  And I've added a new section on what to do if you think you might be pregnant.  Most importantly, I have registered a domain name!



November 11th, 2005: It's been a while but here we are back with a ton of new information.  In the Introduction section, tons of new UCLA statistics.  What's the average number of sex partners a UCLA student has had?  Well, now you know.  Under Protection, updated information all around, including an Ashe Center Birth Control Price List.   Updated info about Free STI and HIV/AIDS testing in the After section, and tons of more Resources for UCLA students.

July 29th, 2005: Ride ready for launch, all sections have content.  I'll definitely put more information up as I find time, but for now I hope you find this a useful resource.  More information about the site can be found in the FAQ section.  Hooray.