Places to Get Free Condoms on Campus

Part of the research I did for the Unofficial Guide was to ask for condoms around campus.  Places that I currently know of  include Student Health Advocates (SHA)s [Lifestyles Ultra Lubricated and multicolor] and SHA events,  the Arthur Ashe Center [Beyond 7 Condoms], the Student Welfare Commission [some brand of belgium chocolate flavored condoms], UCLA AIDS Institute events [Durex].  Students can also get free condoms in the LGBT Resource Center, the UCLA Center for Women and Men, and the UCLA Student Development Health Education Office (attached to Pauley).

The easiest place for students who live on campus to get condoms is from the SHA, or RA, although that involves face-to-face interaction.  The most impersonal way for a student to get free condoms is at a tabled event (SHA event, UCLA AIDS event, Bruin Democrats) where they are just lying out on a table (like in the Arthur Ashe Center).  When you pick up a free condom, check it to make sure it isn't ripped, and make sure it hasn't been sitting in the sun--the heat will melt it.  Likewise, NEVER KEEP A CONDOM IN A WALLET OR POCKET.  Your body heat will weaken the latex.

If you would like to support, you can also purchase condoms at Undercover using the coupon code ACESLUX for free shipping.

The Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center

Located on campus across from Ackerman Union and next to the John Wooden Center, the UCLA Ashe Center is an on campus medical clinic that provides men and women sexual health services, among a variety of other clinical services.  Students can consult a physician at Men’s and Women’s Health services.  If you subscribe to UCLA’s campus SHIP Health insurance, many of their services are free.  Students without SHIP pay small copayments that are actually usually less than at normal clinics, currently $12.  Its convenient location and lower costs make it the ideal clinic for any student at UCLA.

The Ashe Center also dispenses free Beyond Seven (lightly lubricated) condoms; they are usually available on appointment desk counters and in every examination room.  The pharmacy also sells Lifestyles Ultralubricated condoms for $7.03 a dozen. AIDS testing, STI and pregnancy testing are free with SHIP insurance.  Students without SHIP can expect to pay $12 for a consultation plus $10 for each test.  The birth control price list for the Ashe Center can be found here.

The Student Health and Wellness Center website  has a small encyclopedia of health topics and a Sex and Sexuality FAQ.

There is a function on the website for students to make an appointment.  If you have trouble making an appointment, the best times to check the website are 12:00AM midnight and 8-8:30AM in the morning.

 Student Psychological Services

            UCLA’s SPS is also covered by SHIP insurance; students without SHIP usually pay $10 a session.  SPS is a multi-disciplinary mental health center for the UCLA community, offering individual and group counseling and psychotherapy to students; emergency services; consultation, outreach, prevention, and education to students, staff and faculty; and training programs for graduate students in the mental health professions.  The SPS center is located behind the John Wooden Center near Drake Stadium. 

UCLA Student Health Advocates

            SHAs are UCLA students trained to counsel other students in health.  The SHA program has recently been restructured through SWC.  They are free, friendly, convenient, and confidential—there is a SHA on every floor of every residence hall.  Students who live On Campus should have easy access to a SHA.  Each SHA holds weekly office hours for students to drop in and ask questions.  SHAs dispense free condoms to students and can help advise students about their health options at UCLA.

UCLA Student Development Health Education

            The Student Development Health Education office is located attached to Pauley Pavillion across from the IM field.  It's on the way back to the dorms.  In addition to providing FREE CONDOMS, the SDHE office also provides programming and services relating to alcohol/drug abuse and nutrition/body image issues. 

UCLA Student Welfare Commission

            The SWC is a campus centered community service organization located in Kerckhoff Hall.  Among their various services and activities are student blood drives; health, nutrition, and fitness workshops; substance abuse awareness and total wellness.  They also dispense free cold medicine to students, as well as free condoms.  As of this writing, they are the only group on campus that disseminates chocolate flavored condoms. 

 UCLA AIDS Institute

            The UCLA AIDS Institute is one of the leading AIDS research institutes in the world.  It is committed to the eradication of HIV infection worldwide.  The AIDS Institute holds many events throughout the school year, and many of these events provide free condoms, free and confidential testing, and pre and post testing counseling.

UCLA Center for Women and Men

            The Center for Women and Men, located in the Student Activities Center, presents workshops, support groups and referrals on many topics, including medical and legal concerns, child care, self defense, assertiveness training, sexual assault prevention and education, career development, single parenting, health, returning to school and personal relationships. It also provides personal counseling on sexual assault and sexual harassment matters.  The center will also often have free condoms available on tables in the lobby.  In addition, the center has tons of free literature on sexuality and various other issues.  They also have a very comprehensive list of resources that can be found here.  The Center is located across from the Arthur Ashe Center and Ackerman Union, in Bruin Plaza.  The center offers free sexuality counseling.  They also have a section called What's Your Concern? which addresses many issues including sex, sexual harassment, sexual orientation, sexual violence, and dating/relationships.

 UCLA Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Campus Resource Center

            Offers support, including counseling and sexual health information, for members of the LGBT community, they are located in the Student Activities Center next to the Center for Women and Men, across from the Arthur Ashe Center in Bruin Plaza.  The LGBT Resource Center also dispenses free condoms.

Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

The Student Health Advisory Committee is composed of a group of students who share a common interest and commitment to improving the UCLA Arthur Ashe Health and Wellness Center and the welfare of the community. They have been appointed by student government with the purpose of advising, improving, learning about and sharing ideas on relevant issues relating to UCLA's Ashe Center. For comments or questions, or to offer suggestions and ideas, call SHAC at 310-206-3369 or send them an email at  Please do not hesitate to contact this group if you have difficulty accessing health care at UCLA.

UCLA Family Planning Clinic

             Provides family planning resources such as family planning, STD testing/treatment, prenatal care, gynecological exams, male health exams, and treatment for pregnant women with HIV.  EC is allegedly available free upon walk in (I haven't called to double check this, this is what someone who works there told me).  Also, men can walk in and pick up EC.  Services are free for those eligible and on a sliding scale for those who are not. The clinic accepts PPO and Blue Cross, MediCal and HMO insurance.  1010 Veteran Ave., West Medical Building, Los Angeles, CA 90095; (310) 825-7955

Planned Parenthood

            The Planned Parenthood located closest to UCLA is at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.  Planned Parenthood Los Angeles (PPLA) is the largest provider of reproductive health care services in Los Angeles County.  They offer free or inexpensive confidential testing and services.  Most UCLA students can receive a year's free birth control pills from Planned Parenthood.  In fact, virtually any sexual health service can be performed at Planned Parenthood, often at lower costs than at a traditional primary care clinic.  Planned Parenthood provides pregnancy tests, pap smears, birth control, emergency contraception, STI testing, male health services, abortion services, vasectomy counseling, colposcopy and cryosurgery, adoption referrals, hepatitis B vaccination, cancer screening, and a variety of other services.  At many clinics, birth control, pregnancy tests, and emergency contraception are available upon walk in without an appointment.    Call 1-800-230-PLAN to reach the nearest Planned Parenthood health center, and 1-888-NOT-2-LATE for information on where to obtain emergency contraception in your area.

Asian Pacific Health Care Venture, Inc.

            I put the APHCV's REAL Youth Clinic here because of the Ashe Center survey's findings--although first generation Asian Americans are not as sexually active as other ethnic groups on campus, they are also the least likely to use contraceptives or seek information about it.  Although this clinic is a bit far away, they offer comprehensive to no cost health care to young people (not just Asians, mind you) that include check ups, acne, and sexual health/family planning services.  It is open for young people ages 12-24 (if you are over 12 you do not need parent consent for family planning and family planning services are confidential.)  They have support services for Japanese, Tagalog, Thai, Spanish, Khmer, Vietnamese, Bengali, Indonesian and Burmese.

UCLA Rape Treatment Clinic

The Rape Treatment Center (RTC) at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center is nationally recognized for its exemplary treatment, education, and prevention programs. The RTC provides comprehensive, free treatment for sexual assault victims, including 24-hour emergency medical care and forensic services, counseling and psychotherapy, advocacy, and accompaniment services; training for police, prosecutors, judges, medical and mental health personnel, and other providers of rape victim services; prevention/education programs for children, adolescents, and college students; community education; consultation for schools, the media, government agencies, and other organizations; and educational films and publications that are distributed nationwide. 

UCLA Clothesline Project

The UCLA Clothesline Project is a non-partisan feminist student organization aiming to stop gender-based violence and other hate crimes. They strive to bring all oppressed people into full participation in the mainstream of American society through stopping the threat of sexual violence.  The Project has two main annual activities, the Clothesline Display and the Take Back the Night candlelight vigil.

Common Ground- the Westside HIV Community Center

Common Ground provides free HIV testing, including Orasure, at several locations, including their Santa Monica Office, the Venice Family Clinic, and the Needle Exchange Site.

AIM Healthcare Foundation

Originally founded to test members of the adult film and sex worker community, but they also have a separate service that tests members of the general public at a reduced non-profit rate. They test for HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes, Hepatitis, and Urinary Tract Infections.  If you have never been tested before and do not show any symptoms of STDs, I suggest you get tested for their standard panel.

Out of the Closet Thrift Stores

Out of the Closet Thrift Stores also performs rapid HIV testing using an oral swab--no needles!--for free!  So you can get tested, shop, and then find out your results.  Tests are performed by certified testing counselors, using the OraQuick Rapid Advance test.The person being tested for HIV gently swabs the device completely around the outer gums, both upper and lower, one time around. RESULTS ARE AVAILABLE IN 20 MINUTES!

They recommend that anyone who is sexually active, uses IV drugs, or has had exposure to HIV, get tested every six months.  It's anonymous and free, and you can just walk in without an appointment.  Available at their Hollywood, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, and Long Beach locations.

Raisa Reznik, CNP

Dr. Reznik has a sign above the computer stations on Ackerman A level advertising free birth control for UCLA students.  I have yet to contact her and and ask about what services she provides but it looks like your basic OBGYN.  (310) 826-1101; 12304 Santa Monica Blvd # 208   Los Angeles, CA

Lara Loewenstein

            Loewenstein is the sex columnist for the Daily Bruin.  Her (sometimes controversial) articles are archived on the school newspaper’s website.

Bruin Democrats

            Bruin Democrats hands out condoms on campus, occasionally, usually with AIDS prevention literature. 

Hilltop, Ackerman, Neighboring Drug Stores (CVS, Sav-On, Rite-Aid)

            All places you can purchase condoms and other over the counter contraceptives. 


            A gift shop in Westwood, although most of its items are for all ages, there is an adult’s only section in the back of the store that carries a small selection of sex toys and literature.  1090 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024 


Online Resources

            Hundreds of pages on the topic of sex are available online—as always, don’t trust everything you read.  Here are some relatively good places to start.

          Teenwire is run by Planned Parenthood and offers various relationship and sexuality information.  It can be found at

Scarleteen has articles, advice, and accurate information and interactive media for young adults to explore and understand their sexuality.  This site was one of my primary resources for writing this article.

Sex Info UCSB is a vamped up version of Aces Lux.  Well, like what I wish it Aces Lux could be.  For starters, it is actually run by qualified people!--students who are doing advanced course work and research on sexuality in their sociology department.  Very comprehensive--I mean, come on, it even has information on boob zits.

Go Ask Alice is Columbia University’s health quetion and answer program.  “Alice” answers questions about relationships, sexuality, sexual health, emotional health, fitness, nutrition, alcohol, drugs, and general health.  Questions are scrambled so your identity is anonymous. 

LiveJournal Communities are anonymous, specialized, and not as messy as message boards.  Previously answered questions are stored in the memories archives.  For example, sextips gives general advice about sex (anything from health to technique to anecdotes), while birth control answers questions about birth control, and phallic pregunta answers questions about men’s sexual health and Vagina Pagina fields women's health questions.  Other communities like bad sex chronicle the stories of awful nightmare encounters.  In all of the livejournal communities, various and posters share which methods work best for them and answer questions about similar experiences—just remember that the advice found here cannot substitute medical advice from your physician.

Undercover Condoms sells condoms at discount prices.  If you use the coupon code ACESLUX, you can get free shipping, and the proceeds that I get will pay for the maintenance and upkeep of this website.  It's cheaper than buying condoms in Ackerman or Ralphs, and saves you the walk!  [And, for shy people, the embarrassment!]

Condom Deport also sells condoms online.  They have a 10% off discount with free shipping for UCLA students.