When to Have It

When to Have Sex

 According to statistics, the average sexual encounter in the United States takes place at 10:30 PM.

 Or, you know, when your roommate is out for the night.

 Or after you get married and move out of the house. 

Oh, um, wait.

 When to Have Sex v.2.0

             I am not going to say when the right time for sex is.  Honestly?  Whenever's good for you.  I haven't placed any information about relationships or dating on this site because it's really your call.  I can't teach you to be a good boyfriend or a good lover or a good table dancer.  Like, ooh, are you supposed to kiss on the first date?  Who cares?  It’s entirely up to you.  It’s your body and your responsibility to know when you are ready to have sex. 

 Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to…

·   Have sex with someone who doesn’t know your name, or vice versa.

·   Have sex with someone without protection—either against STI’ s or pregnancy.

·   Have sex with someone with an unclear sexual history (condoms, unfortunately, don’t stop all STDs)

·   Have sex with someone in any way that could be considered illegal (ie public nudity next to the Bruin bear statue, spiking someone’s drink, with impressionable underage high school students, etc)

·   Have sex with your best friend or roommate’s current significant other.

·   Have sex when your roommate’s webcam is on and pointed at your bed.

 Sex also will not necessarily do any of the following

·   Guarantee a longer or closer relationship

·   Give you an orgasm, or mind-blowing pleasure

·   Feel great or awful the first time

·   Give you status with your friends or make you more mature

Understanding all of these might make your first sexual experience safer for you both physically and emotionally. 

 But you might want to ask yourself a few questions just so you know what you're getting into...

·   Why do I want to do this?

·   Who do I want to do this for?

·   What do I expect from intercourse?